Activities 2008/09

Countries receiving donated supplies from IFL Australia July 2008 – June 2009

During the year supplies were sent to:

  • 29 countries (previous year – 24);
  • on 122 occasions (previous year – 123)
  • and consisting of 239 cartons (previous year –229)

Countries supplied, with the number of separate occasions in brackets, and in order of number of occasions:

  • Ecuador (22) - ongoing program: children and adults support group started by parent of a child with diabetes. IDF Life for a Child component. Includes supply to yearly diabetes camp for children. Extended to other centers during the year
  • Bolivia (20) - ongoing collaborative project with IDF Life for a Child program and with separate component to supply adults.
  • Uzbekistan (15) - ongoing program involving “whole of country approach” with supplies sent to several cities: has also led to establishment and revitalization of patient organizations. IDF Life for a Child component started last year. Extended to another city during the year
  • Rwanda (11) - ongoing program: IDF Life for a Child component also.
  • Cambodia (9) - ongoing program. Supplies donated to Sihanouk Hospital (HOPE) Diabetes Centre, MoPoTsyo Patient Information Centre (NGO) and Kossamak, a hospital treating very poor patients
  • Maldives Islands (6) - ongoing, started following Indian Ocean tsunami. IDF Life for a Child component developing
  • Zimbabwe (6) - emergency supplies; ongoing, in collaboration with IDF Life for a Child. 1
  • India (4) ongoing in collaboration with a Pediatric Endocrinologist at Washington University, USA and Sevashram Hospital, Uttrakhand
  • Democratic Republic of Congo –Goma area (4) - ongoing; supplying a Diabetes Association associated with a diabetes clinic.
  • Philippines (3) – ongoing, arising out of a Melbourne, Australia, medical student elective program
  • Kenya (2) – ongoing with hospital in Nairobi, and another in collaboration with the European Society for Pediatric Endocrinology - African Fellowship Programme
  • Nauru (2) – trial to National Hospital
  • Israel (2) (for Bethlehem and Ramallah) – ongoing; sent to an Israeli hospital for a project involving a Palestinian doctor studying in Israel and supported by the Peres Peace Centre
  • Vanuatu (2) National Hospital, and ongoing as part of The Vanuatu Eye Care program organised by Australian NGOs
  • Afghanistan (1) – in cooperation with an Australian physician on a medical project
  • Bali (1) - ongoing small project
  • Congo (Republic) (1) – trial for children
  • Fiji (1) - Diabetes Centre
  • Georgia (1) – response to emergency - transport funded by IDF ? Ghana (1) – trial ? Liberia (1) – trial ? Oklahoma, USA (1) –meters- clinic for poor people
  • Pakistan (1) –trial
  • Solomon Islands (1) –trial
  • Uganda (1) –trial
  • Vietnam (1) – started during the year for children’s hospitals in the North and South via an Australian NGO

Supplies donated from Australia July 2008 – June 2009

Our focus is on donating insulin, test strips and syringes. During the year, the following were donated overseas:

  • 120,663 mls insulin
  • 163,701 blood glucose test strips
  • 153,870 insulin syringes

Other items donated include meters, insulin pens, pen needles and lancets and pricking devices.

We value these supplies sent from Australia at US$ 517,000 ($AUD 568,000). This valuation is based on $US 25 per 10 mls insulin and $US35 per 50 test strips and box of 100 syringes. More insulin was donated last year because last year there were major changes to insulins available in Australia.

Totals donated since 1984 from Australia

  • 1,802,673 mls insulin
  • 867,361 blood glucose test strips

We value these at US$6,576,960 (AUD$7,234,660) including meters, insulin pens, pen needles, syringes, and lancets and pricking devices are also donated.