Please consider helping support the program’s transport and other costs.


For details about the supplies we can accept please complete the form on the Contact Us page


For tax-deductible donations in Australia, please donate via Insulin for Life Global via PayPal:

Insulin for Life Global Financial Donations

Or below with MyCause

Where does your money go?

Financial support from individuals and organisations worldwide pays for the transport and handling costs to send the no-longer-needed, unopened and well-in-date supplies to countries in need, following specific requests from recognised organisations and with an agreed protocol.

Donate to IFL via

Donating, Fundraising, Events, Regular Donations and Donating in Memory

If you’d like to organise challenges, events, or fundraising projects, make regular donations, or make a donation in memory, you can do so with Please click on the links below:

Our page and more information

Fundraising in challenges, celebrations and tributes

Direct donations

Donation e-cards

The more support we receive, the more donated insulin and other supplies we can collect and send. We calculate that for every extra one dollar received, we can collect and send $20 worth of donated supplies.

To be able to send the donated supplies we need $AUD 3.15 for transport and handling costs. (approx $US2.50, depends on exchange rate) for each

10 ml insulin
50 strips
100 syringes
and similar for other items.

We receive support as a result of events including birthdays, weddings, raffles and bike rides. This is a great way to support IFL.

See above to direct deposit amounts you’ve collected. Please put your last name in the reference and send us a message.

You will receive an official receipt soon after we receive the funds. Our financial accounts are independently audited in compliance with government requirements for registered not for profit organisations.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information if you would like to support our work in this way.